How to bypass Gmail phone verification ?

bypass Gmail phone verification 
How to bypass Gmail phone verification ?

Hi all users,  as you might know that we have posted another gmail related post sometimes ago titled "How to make accounts with google without any verification?" which describes the useful tips for creating a gmail account without any verification, but if you don't have every thing unique as it requires, then this post will surely helpful for you.

Lets come to the topic : as you know that when you signup for a gmail account it requires a mobile number verification at end of the registration and sometime it becomes very annoying  when you don't have your cellphone around,  or you've already registered many gmail account with your same phone number or purposefully you don't want to put you mobile number (for any reason). So in this post I will tell you a simple way to bypass your gmail phone verifications", so lets get started!

1. The first thing you need to do is go to
2. Click on "Textfree Web" at your up right corner.
3. Then Click "Create Account" and fill the required information.
4. When you are done,go to the e-mail that you putted to register on to verify the account.
5. After verifying go back to your account and click on "options".
6. Take your phone number and go back to your "Gmail" verification tab,and fill it in.
7. Now it will take some a few moments to get the text message to your "Phone".

After receiving the verification code put it into the "verify your account" box and hit enter. Now you have successfully bypassed your gmail phone verification, enjoy your gmail account.

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How To Bypass Mobile Number Verification

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