JDownloader Premium Datebase 25-06-12

JDownloader Premium Datebase 25-06-12

JDownloader Premium Datebase 25-06-12
Proof :

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If U don't Have Jdownloader2.. Installed.. Then use Our Pre-Installed Jdownloader2  

How To Use This Premium database ?

Copy This file " org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs " To your Installed jdownloader2 Directory In A Folder named " cfg " and replace the file.
Download Premium DB here


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just_an_hacker said...

why ryushare dont work?

Hackerist said...

thank you veryyyyyyyyyyy much for sharing...

Technogeek82 said...

Once again you are awesome egyhacks. Thank you.

punjabi said...

extabit is not added in it

Dennis Wilson said...

Wow. I never realised egyhacks could make things simpler. Then you come up with the Premium database. Kudos.
1 question though. Why do some accounts show expiry date as '~'? You can see in the screenshot too. Are they free accounts? Please let me know.


egyhacks said...

Ryushare updated.

Yeah, Check other post for extabit.

You're always welcome here guys.

@Dennis Wilson,
First of all you're welcome, for your answer the sighn '~' means 'Unlimited', but probably you will doubt the how the other account got dissappread which has '~' sign, the answer is they were unlimited but somehow their owner change the password and it became inaccessible for JD.

amad said...

i have installed it newly admin. when i copy the file in cfg folder. then what next to do? how do iget premium database? i don't know how to use it?

bedy said...

Hey admin,
i am a huge fan of your site, but have a problem now.
Jdownloader says to me, if i download something, that there is a plugin damaged and i search for it but dont find anything.
Can u help me out?


egyhacks said...

You need to do nothing once you copied/replaced the premium database file into cfg folder. If you want to seen how man account are premium now just go to egyhacks folder and double click on 'JDownloaderBETA.exe' and navigate to setting tab.

First of all we're glad to know that you like our site, second if you're facing that kind of problem the install the previous JD and install the new one and make sure you need not to updated it at all.

bedy said...

ty admin, but now the uploaded.to account dont work. :( thanks for all^^

Dennis Wilson said...

Hi, Thanks for your reply, but I have two more questions. Please answer them:
1. Is it possible to combine multiple two or more .ejs files? You have posted a lot of premium databases. Any way to combine them all into one ejs file?
2. Is there any way to use Premium cookies in JDownloader? I found an old video telling me to do give hostname as user and the cookie as password. But I haven't been able to use a single premium cookie with your version of JDownloader. Am I doing it right?


egyhacks said...

You're welcome.

For your first question, I think there is no use of combining those entire free/expired script file into one file. So to be very true I never thought about that.

For your second question, yes you can certainly use premium cookies in my version of Downloader :) just follow the steps below:

1. Start your JD.
2. Navigate to setting<setting.
3. In account manager click on add and choose your desire file-hosting site.
4. Enter the username associated with that cookie and enter the password instead of cookie.
5. Finally click on OK and after few seconds it'll automatically show you the 'expire date' and 'download traffic limit' of that account.

Dennis Wilson said...


Sorry. I don't get it.
1. What I meant was, I had added my own premium accounts to the database I downloaded from you. And if a certain filehost had expired, I'd just download a new database from you and update my local database - I thought. If it's not possible, I get it.
2. How do you find the username associate with a cookie? Even your 'Mega Premium Accounts post' lists only cookies with no usernames. I mean the post 'http://www.egyhacks.net/2011/09/filesonic-premium-account-daily-update.html'
Please help, if it's not too much trouble.


egyhacks said...

Use that cookie with JavaScript we provide, by using JavaScript you will at least get the username of that account got it. I know you can get it's password but you can see it's username easily, got it ?

Dennis Wilson said...


I think so. I'll check myself.

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