Rapidgator+Extabit+Bitshare+Netload+Depositefiles Premium Link Generator 100% Working

Hi all users, today we're very glad to introduce you a very good and 100% working site tested by us for mazor file-hosting site. Many users report us that the JDownloader premium database you post doesn't work with extabit, rapidgator and uplaoding and we assured them that we'll post a working premium link generator soon and to we're here with it. Sot lets get started.

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator 2012

Extabit Premium Link Generator 2012

Uploading Premium Link Generator 2012

Letitbit Premium Link Generator 2012

Filepost Premium Link Generator 2012

Filefactory Premium Link Generator 2012

Depositfiles  Premium Link Generator 2012

Hotfile Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Premium Link Generator 2012

Update : By jena

Extabit, Bitshare, Putlocker, Depositfiles -  http://spoilnet.com

Rapidgator, Netload, Putlocker, Depositfiles - http://suckspeed.com


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Techno Tweaks said...

wow awsome! thanks a ton! i have clicked ur ads about 35+ times! cheers!

pyths said...

whaoooooooh downloading a lot of IT and progrmming Ebook on filepost!
Thanks a lot!

syloker said...

dude let me say something.. i'm a student of music production... i have to dl very large files 20g and above some to 200g that are not in torrents

since i discover this site i can present very good work at school...

i'm in big debt with you guys... some day i'm go to pay that debt with care...

until then... a huge thank you!!!

egyhacks said...

@Techno Tweaks,
You're always welcomed here.

Glad to know that we're able to help you.

Thanks you too, pleased with your comment.

Ryan Perez said...

i dont understand, where is the acutal download link???

Kontak said...

this post is epic.

egyhacks said...


@Ryan Perez,
Read the post carefully and click on the link next to the "Homepage" or if you still can't see the try this link :


jiggydiggyman said...

HI im trying to download off of rapidgator, extabit, and letitbit (its the same file content available on all three of these websites) its gives me this msg

ERROR: Sorry, the total Extabit download amount (700 MB) is greater than what you have left on your account download limit. Please remove some of the links making sure the sumtotal of the filesizes does not exceed your limits!

Is there a way around it?


egyhacks said...

Yes, the download limit is 500mb per file.

jiggydiggyman said...

ohh.. thanks for replying. im still on a mission, :) got my hands on the downloader that you have put up here:


posted a query over there already :) hope it works.. only if i had known and come here directly instead of googling random sites all day! Thank you.

egyhacks said...

Try this one.

New Extabit Downloader

Sa yed said...

Mr Egyhacks, Please help me...

I need to download an extabit link but it is 3.3gb in size and only one link and only Premium account is allowed. How can I do this? The link generators have 500mb limit.

egyhacks said...

Contact us at : info@egyhacks.net

Gale Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gale Smith said...

hey bro, i dont actually get how it works. Could i please ask for a step by step procedure?

I click on the link (leechitnow) then i copy paste the link of the file that i want to dl (rapidgator) then click transload, then what?

Please help, thanks in advance!! ^^

egyhacks said...

It seems the change their website to PLG to forums. Now it won't work :(

jena said...

premium link for

rapidgator,bitshare,depositefile and pulocker go to spoilnet.com

extabit,bitshare,depositefile and pulocker go to suckspeed.com

egyhacks said...

Thanks for the links.

Luis said...

it doesnt work

egyhacks said...

New links are working perfectly.

moon said...

Super Great finding. Keep up the good word, thank egyhacks.net

Amin said...

wow egy thanks alot you are the best

Miguel Eduardo Ramos said...

This post is epic. Thank you very much!

Ryan van de Wiel said...

Does it work for FilePost ?

egyhacks said...

@moon, Amin, Miguel,
You're always welcomed here bro.

@Ryan van,

nadavb said...

Thanks, when I try to download from rapidgator it says that limit has reached 15gb! why?

Tin trua said...

selection leech sites:

radiobagting said...

sir do you have wipfiles.net free premium account??

henryque14 said...

Somebody help me, i didn't find link to download

henryque14 said...

Somebody help me, i didn't find link to download

duc said...

how can i use http://suckspeed.com/default.php ?

Burak Çalık said...

doesnt work anymore :(

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