Bang !!! Minecraft Gift Code Generator 2012

Minecraft Gift Code Generator 2012

Hi all users, there is a good news for you.  I found this tool (I'm not the coder of this tool) today (Final release). This awesome tool will allow you to play Minecraft for free. Regardless, we will continue providing high quality releases to our Live Hack Source community. We believe innovation is a key to our success.

Minecraft Gift Code Generator

The program is more of a premium account converter. It seems wrong to call it an account creator since it doesn’t make the account for you, only converting the account to Premium. There is no need of any Minecraft gift codes, the program will convert your account to a Premium account. Free Minecraft Gift Code Generator v3.2 are available exclusively for our site readers only. You can download and use them from the provided link below.  But please, never share this generator with anyone, if you got a friend who also wants one free account, refer them to our site.

After downloading Minecraft Gift Code Generator v3.2, follow the instructions below when you are using for the first time.

1. Click  here   to register a regular account on Minecraft website.

2. After registering an account, open Minecraft Gift Code Generator tool.

3. Input the username into the text box.

4. Next step is to convert the newly made account by clicking “Convert Account to Premium” button. It can take anywhere from 1-2 minutes when converting the account depending on our server load.

5. You will now be a Minecraft Premium user. You can generate unlimited amount of Minecraft Premium accounts.


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Agentmax said...

you'll need a serial code to use this tool and that code leads you to a survey link

egyhacks said...

Sorry, but we're not responsible for survey as we didn't code it.

jonathan said...


jonathan said...

@jonathan WTF???? -.-"

jonathan said...

if someone completes the survey can post it in the comments? THX!

peterkz said...

I am sorry to say but this looks fake. I do not think you are able to "crack" minecraft session server and if you were they would have taken it down because you would get acces to other users data and stuff like that. Egyhacks i am disapointed now :(

MineC Crafter said...

plz minecraft account generator or minecraft accounts allots wee need it alot plz Join Hamachi UaeRakRak pass : 1
Give me premuire accounts

Roland Havana said...

The Serial 4 the tool is : 1735223670127


jj said...

does not work bad data base error.

failedmission said...

Data base error. Crap!

Omer Draz said...

you can download software 100% working from here

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